Looks like @Jason_GameDev is getting his Argo content one way or another. t.co/cUQ9sMtVz7

New high score. Very unhealthy in , stay indoors everyone. t.co/tySZKG6iqC

📸 They have 2 or 3 bike repair stations on this trail that runs right through the middle of town, pretty cool. t.co/vfx4dFHuq1 t.co/AILkUj4EOw

2020 throwing a curve ball, I see. We thought we'd never see it happen. t.co/qeOMiP84Jm

📸 Omg I look to see why my dad has stopped during my bike ride and he's just dived straight into the bush to find some sketch wild berries to eat. Classic. 😅 t.co/A4jRZMzFBh t.co/THKhblBa8Y

📸 Got these giant grapes and they're so weird. They're the biggest grapes I've ever seen, but they have skin as thick as a plum, and the seeds are really bitter. Would not recommend. t.co/U5sTZB36D4 t.co/zJmAFwGDf6

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