📸 Back on the bike for the first time since I stopped coming in to work. t.co/TFcW0YE6ip t.co/Hx4cHq1V0o

Lol released some backgrounds so you can pretend to be there while on Zoom. t.co/xFqAnH1boe via @StarbucksNews

📸 Happy Belated Birthday to 7-Eleven (and happy free Slurpee to me)! t.co/SNHtrPuGnd t.co/nao3HwBwv0

❤️📹 NiziU 『Make you happy』 M/V t.co/P2DWDD1iil

Just saw a man run down the street carrying a bag of broccoli like a football.

📸 I've peaked. ⠀ ⠀ first time. Was pretty much dead by the time we made it up. t.co/QagZJWd52w t.co/ekLNHTBii3

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