My first 24 hours in the , or "the fedi" as someone called it. It's slow...but I kinda like that. Easier to keep up. And people are actually responsive! I'm disappointed I can't search for text within but at least I can search for . And it's hard finding people to follow outside my own but I've managed to stumble on people tooting interesting things and followed them. So far, I like it pretty well. Good night...

@Amber Bumbling along the federated timeline or floating through the profile directory can often discover more people to follow.

@Amber Be sure to make an (hashtag)introductory post explaining what your favorite topics are and introducing yourself on here. You'll likely get a few followers after that!



If you're looking for people to follow you might want to check out the directory by @FediFollows :

Also, if you want others to follow you try Trunk:

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