Our next in-person lunch, as promised, is tomorrow, Wednesday June 15th at noon at Grub Burger Bar in Santa Clara, near the intersection of Lawerence Expressway and Homestead Road.


You should attend. We will be the ones eating lunch, looking like nerds.

Our next Bay Area Geeks (who) Eat Lunch (together) is an in-person event, today, Wednesday June 1st at noon at the David King of Tacos truck in Santa Clara, near the intersection of El Camino Real and Lawerence Expressway. Full details on our website,


There is outdoor seating and the food is quite good.

I was disappointed after the 2016 elections, but I did get a taco truck on the corner by my house, so at least that one campaign promise was delivered on.

The next meeting of the Bay Area Geeks (who) Eat Lunch is Friday, May 13th at noon PDT. I guess we’re in daylight saving time again. So, it’s 7pm UTC. If you still have one of those Swatch watches that tell time in SwatchTime, well, you’re on your own.

I spent too long trying to find a functioning "current time->swatch time" app or website, or whatever, all so that I could say "lunch will be at beat 833.3 on 5/13", and then missed that it was Friday the 13th.



The next meeting of the Bay Area Geeks (who) Eat Lunch (sometimes you need to drop a word to make the acronym work) is today, April 29th at noon pacific, on Zoom. We’ll probably talk about Twitter, and maybe Netflix, and catch up.

Details on our website.



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