Buying a packet of seeds and planting them is like buying a lottery ticket whose life depends on you winning.

"4 Make a mechanical intervention. Example: I'll put out wire traps for the foxes on the their runs.
5 Only as a last resort, make a chemical intervention. Example: I'll put poison in the fox holes.

...The implication is that foxes help sheep on balance by protecting available grazing [from voles]."
The Permaculture Way by Graham Bell page 70 & 72 (3/3)

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"1 Do nothing. Example: I lose five lambs a year to foxes. It's normal.
2 Increase output to compensate for the small (acceptable) loss. Example: I'll up my flock by ten sheep to compensate for the lost lambs.
3 Make a biological intervention. Example: I'll run a German Shepherd Dog with my sheep. That will scare off of kill any foxes."
-The Permaculture Way by Graham Bell page 71-72 (2/3)

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"The Spiral of Intervention...
Once you intervene you increase the risk that further intervention will be necessary... So we can see a desirable scale of intervention. The ideal is to do nothing, but if yield is still impaired beyond acceptable limits, implement intervention on this scale. Do not go to the next step unless the previous one doesn't work, or you know in advance that it won't."
-The Permaculture Way by Graham Bell page 71 (1/3)

'A tree is a productive explosion. Minerals going up, sugars going down. All traveling through the point of germination.' - Geoff Lawton

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