You don't educate people by telling them useful things; you educate people by telling them interesting things -- John Conway

"I hope too that we can show rage against waste, intolerance against cruelty, commitment to fight for Mother Earth, non-violence against all living beings. This is a fight that will have to be waged for generations to come. None of us will see the Earth safe in our lifetime. So I end with this Blessing: May you be Druid, and aim to find peace only at the last, after the fight is done." - Susan Goundrey-Kruse. (Crow Woman)
January 2006 (2/2)

"I believe that not one of us has the right to peace this side of death, whilst the planet is laboring so desperately. Not one of us has the right to peace whilst there is so much human injustice. We may choose to act on the world stage or focus on our own small communities but act we must if the word Druid is to mean anything at all. I know that it is within us to show kindness, compassion, imagination and intelligence, I have read it in your statements." (1/2)

"If you take good care of yourself, you help everyone. You stop being a source of suffering to the world, and you become a reservoir of joy and freshness. Here and there are people who know how to take good care of themselves, who live joyfully and happily. They are our strongest support. Everything they do, they do for everyone. That is the meaning of Mahayana Buddism. That is love meditation." - Teaching on Love by Thich Nhat Hanh

I'm reading a book called Teachings on Love by Thich Nhat Hanh and I think i'll post some things i learn from it...
Maitri - a Sanskrit word for an aspect of true love, or loving kindness. A friendship love of understanding. To give someone a very nice gift they have no want or need of is not maitri. This person has good intentions, but they don't understand what is needed. "We must look deeply in order to see and understand the needs, aspirations, and suffering of the ones we love."

thanks to the good will of the Universe, i have overcome the dumbfuckery of the Universe. I have completed a trans-Atlantic mid-pandemic journey to Germany to start my grad school program, with my partner and cat in tow! it's been a real trip

I have so much spring cleaning to do this year i've started early! it took me a month, but i've deleted 3 google accounts, 2 facebook accounts, whatsapp, reddit as well as 8 other accounts i just wasn't using.

Harvard shouldn’t be the standard of education. Classical studies can help with other fields but mostly it’s good for going into classical studies. There are roughly 6500 languages in the world; stop being Eurocentric.

Puberty blockers, gender dysphoria 

If I had gotten on puberty blockers when I found out I was trans I would be far happier with my body today and would have done more with my more with my life since I wouldn't spend so much time deeply depressed and dysphoric. Maybe I would have been able to check up in school and graduate on time. Maybe could have gotten a job, and started saving money. But either way I would have been much happier now and then, and would have been able to actually have at least somewhat of a teenage-hood. Trans children deserve better. Trans people deserve bodily autonomy.

Tell president-elect Joe Biden: keep your promise, kill the KXL pipeline, and end DAPL once and for all. Protect the planet and the Lakota people. No mancamps. No destruction of the earth. No endangering our water. #MniWiconi#WaterIsLife

I drafted up a proposal for a standard set of tags on the Fediverse. @willghatch mentioned some weeks back that he thought there should be such a thing and I thought the idea was quite cool and ran with it. (To be clear, the result is all my craziness, not his)

To be honest, I find the current use of tags to be fairly useless. I think if tags were aimed at usability and filtering, it could improve people's experiences on social media.

Let me know what you think! #request_reaction #relevance_P1Y #topic_imadethis

Small fish stuck in a fish bowl
Do you pine for the sea?
Watching life all around you
Are you looking at me?

Swim around in a circle
Come along when it's feeding time
You're the king of the castle
Who likes to hide
But when you find the ocean
How will you know where to go?

-Fish Bowl by Kero Kero Bonito

so here's a thought. what's the real harm in people on the fediverse knowing your real name? i'm not a child who's going to be kidnapped or harassed. i'm here to get away from google and facebook. google knows where i live and that i'm likely to buy eco-friendly cat litter. y'all aren't a huge evil corporation so why should i trust them more than you?

Hello Bay Area!
I am brand new to the Fediverse and excited to be here! I grew up in the Midwest, got degrees in Linguistics and Speech Language & Hearing Sciences, and then moved to the bay area in Jan of 2020! I’m a student, a blood donor, a programmer and an artist. I’m a dreamer and a doer. I believe ‘god’ is nature and all its forces, including the connected network of living minds.
gender = null # I like all the pronouns!

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