Jumping crickets! I just secured a cardbus usb expansion for my old world powerbook! Ive been looking basically since buying it new back in the day. Ive been doing a firewire card to a usb hub thing for years. It works fine, but is far from portable.

Ice coffee has topped four bucks in my area for a 16oz. Desperately trying to make my own every day, but its just not the same as the stuff from the mermaid.

Currently enjoying a locally made "garden spirit". It tastes like every root vegetable and it is incredible.

My officemate's last day is tomorrow, so as is tradition there will be snacks!

Spent the morning touring other programs at work now that im being forced to be on call for all programs 2-4 times a month. Color me not at all invested.

Was able to get a good deal done when I got home

I like it when it turns out not to he as horrifying as I thought when I balance my books.

Wednesday is the best day because I allow myself the simple luxury of a fresh bagel and one of my favorite coffees. Its a french roast that is roasted with real maple syrup.

My office is so clean now it feels a bit weird. Do a hard reset on my projects and going to try really hard to have only one out at a time.

The starts are not going to make it, im taking too long, sowing late. Lets hope it stays warm a bit longer this year.

Found a great deal on compost delivery, always try the places closest to you house first is the lesson.

Just saw a Remarkable Tablet in the flesh for the first time, pretty neat device

Today is beautiful and it took less than thirty minutes to hit inbox zero. Great ways to start the week.

Was able to clean the whole place top to bottom. I should sleep well.

Im not sure even coffe can get me moving today

As part of my haul from the family tag sale I got a bunch of scifi and fantasy books. My reading list is full and it didnt cost me anything. Now to get up and running woth Bookwyrm.

Its a cold and rainy day, I think pjs are in order

After work I made the long trek to the other side of the state to see family and pick their tag sale before they open it up tomorrow. Got a lot of key tools for upcoming projects around the homestead. Really grateful, that trip saved me hundreds if not thousands if dollars, and now some of my stretch projects for this year are actually on the table now.

Friday slipped by without incident at work, probably the most chill Friday in a long time.

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