Today I am grateful for some reasonable weather and a nice long walk.

Grateful to be making even more progress on my backlog of projects and responsibilities. Especially while sipping on some great local beer.

Today I am grateful that I was able to begin organizing and unpacking my retro tech collection.

I am also thankful for reaching the 100 toot milestone.

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I’m really grateful that I got all of my out-of-the-house errands done today.

Productive day so far, I think I’ll take myself to lunch

It’s happened, I’m officially old. My favorite gaming system from my youth (Sega Nomad) is now selling for stupid high prices. Was just on goodwill’s website and one was selling for three times what it cost new. So I looked it up on eBay only to find out that was actually a pretty good deal

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Looking forward to a wide open weekend with no distractions. Hope to unpack all my tech and do some much needed updates on my poorly maintained website.

Weird, even with the shutter perfectly centered & open my Face ID will not work as long as the shutter is installed. Must be some kind of proximity thing.

Today I am grateful for interviewing some exciting candidates for some open staff positions I have.

A bit disappointed the Celtics dropped two to the 76ers, but encouraged that they were very close games, and we didn’t have our main scorer playing in either game.

Today I am grateful for mittens and my Senator.

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Bernie prefers mittens but is open to having a reasonable discussion about the merits of gloves (via twitter user SupSlater)

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Today I am grateful for nearly 11 hours of sleep and a reasonably productive work day that didn’t leave me feeling emotionally bankrupt afterwards.

Really grateful for all the adorable fox pics filling up my feed today. Here’s hoping I find some folks that take lots of pics of their indoor gardening.

Today I am grateful for some honest work and accomplishment of shoveling my own driveway for the first time.

Today I am grateful for a fresh coat of fluffy snow on all the trees and watching blue birds on my feeders.

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