Small correction, it’s from the 1978 Saturn Awards. It’s not on his album from 1967

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I sincerely hope Bill Shatner “sang” his version of “Rocket Man” from his seventies album as he went up today.

I love that today gives me a reason to share one of my favorite musical oddities:

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I love it when I rediscover sites that just sort of faded from my consciousness.

Stumbled upon and was delighted. If you love text mode browsing like I do, this site is amazing.

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In theory I love the Goodwill auction site. The problem is the shipping is bonkers. Its often more than the price of the device or even more than makes logical sense.

For example, I’ve been looking for an original Sansa Clip for some time now. They have two for ten bucks each, which is very fair. The shipping and handling is 15 dollars?! They have it listed at one pound…when the device is less than an ounce.

It’s like they don’t have a box smaller 10 inches square. How is that even possible?

Maybe this says a lot, but I find the endless screaming of @scream very soothing; especially at work.

Lots of leaves falling today and I had to get up early to shut my bedroom window because it was too cold.

This begs the question: What am I going to do for a wacky winter profile theme here on the fedi? Especially after absolutely crushing summer.

I know there is a certain amount schottenfreuden with all the Shitbook stuff this week…

But, I find it incredibly sad that people are legitimately surprised by any the reports that have come out.

Like, of course any company with a profit motive is going to exploit anyone to meet that motive. I heard the “whistle blower” testimony and all I thought was “duuuuuuuhhhhhhh”.

More people should read Nietzsche. Nothing that is happening is new or special. It’s the same tune, just a different dance.

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First I heard of this OS and it's fascinating... and I don't disagree with their analysis/prediction.

@djsundog @TheGibson

What do you guys think?

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A 47-year-old woman called Tammy Sexton, in Birmingham, Alabama was shot in the head by her husband with a .380-caliber handgun and not only did she survive, she managed to make herself a cup of tea and offered one to a police officer.

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Today was a day totally consumed by transportation.

First the comedy of errors with my car that was stupidly manufactured without a spare tire. That alone sent my blood pressure through the roof.

Now the bus ride home. First bus caught fire, second bus over heated, third bus is stuck in traffic. It has taken 90 minute to go less that two miles.

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Some advice: If you decide to get and EV or Plug-in Hybrid, immediately buy a spare tire, even if it is full sized.

Because they don’t come with spares, the secondary market for used rims is stupid out of control. My car has been stuck in a parking lot for three days as I fail to find a way to drive it out under its own power. Now it has to be towed to the shop and will have to sit there till next Monday while they wait for the specially sized tires to arrive…

8 days for a flat tire…

Am I the only one that still regularly views the Damn Small Linux webpage a few time a year hoping to be rescued from bloat, while still getting a system out of the box that can actually do things, AND have it not be a cluttered mess?

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Pawpaw Fruit, The only native fruit tree to North America. It taste like a mango banana and most people have never heard of it. It was also the favorite dessert of George Washington while in the White House.

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