Yesterday was rough, lots of negative thoughts, and low energy. Today already feels better though, heres hoping.

Spent a long time with my checkbook today, should have just wrote "empty" in marker on it and walked away.

It took three years, but I finally gotten to the level in my mahjong game where the levels are stupid hard.

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Just FYI a gay dude born in a Japanese internment camp went on to participate in just about every major social movement from the 1960s to 1990s and co-wrote a book with Buckminster Fuller and babysat MLK Jr's kids and generally lived a life of fun and crime and yet no one has made a single movie about the guy:
I especially enjoy his Fuck the Draft ad, which could be sent to a select group of "mother__s" if you ordered 5 or more posters.

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The FCC is still accepting letters from the general public about the next generation of Starlink satellites. They are asking for 30,000 of them, and they are 10x as big as the current Starlink satellites. This will DESTROY the night sky.

Very clear instructions on how to write and submit your letter are posted on Prof. Andy Lawrence's website here:

Please submit a letter! Even if it's really short!

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Its real, its finally real "Six season AND A MOVIE"!!!!

Gonna be honest, didnt really like Trevor Noah as the lead on the Daily Show, but he has some great corespondents. Back when they change happened, I really wanted Jessica Williams to be the host. Her not getting it really turned me off to the whole thing for a long time. I do hope Roy Wood Jr gets the big desk next this time, I often tune in just to watch his bits.

Snapped this on my walk to the bus, I love living in Vermont.

Got to work remote today and only for like three hours. So amazing!

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Just ordered the 2 CDs being released of a friend's band from the lats 80s. Never available on CD before, they're being released now in a limited release. If you're into cool AOR you'll probably like this stuff. The band is Mere Mortals.

Office work is not hell, its worse. At least in hell you know where you stand and the outcomes are consistent. Office work is like drowning in cold porridge at an excruciatingly slow pace while being told everyone is doing great work...while year after year you are asked to do more with less.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the bus and its positive impact on me. I get to walk more and have time to myself to just sit with my thoughts, read, or listen to music/podcasts. Much more positive than stressful commutes and the bad habits they breed.

Managed to get to bed early enough that this morning wasn't a train wreck. Got to the bus stop with ten minutes to spare!

Not sure if Im supposed to or not, but i think ill let my green bean plants completely die before harvesting the pods i left behind to save the seeds.

Just had one of the conversations that reminded me how glad I moved when I did.

Spent the weekend with my sis, lots of fun

Finally birdied on my new home disc golf course, i was so impressed with myself....I did it again!

I think there might be something up with my ipod, its playing songs as if I hadnt already normalized their volume. Gonna re-encode some test files to make sure.

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