I just left my last commercial social media site. Quora started out great, but in the last few years devolved as they tried to find a way to make money. And so it goes.

I can only be found here and on Dreamwidth now.

The irony is I’ve come full circle. Back 20 years ago I was very active on Livejournal for long form writing (Dreamwidth is a fork of its Foss code base) and I had a Geocities site I posted “sitreps” to that was basically a proto-microblog like Mastodon.

@MrBuggles I used to love Quora but yes the quality of posts dropped dramatically...

@poliwat The company did a great job building a community of writers in the beginning. That fell off, followed by near constant cash grabs and "content creation" took its place. They've been losing Top Writers, like myself for years as a result.

Add to this their refusal to fix basic functionality of the site it just didnt scale. When they started removing basic functions that allowed writers to moderate the questions they received, it was clear the Facebook critters there got their way.

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