A little even fire, lakeside. I hope everyone is have a pleasant weekend.

Back yard garden day with Diana, the goddess of the hunt!

I treated myself to a delightful Vietnamese lunch. Ok meeting, come at me!

If my last text was too much, here is a pic of my adorable dog!

Finally took the time to set up my old iMac for offline computing. Plan to use it as a jukebox and PIM manager so my phone stops sucking me in so much.

It is a Graphite iMac G3, with matching Que! Fire drive, and a Palm T2.

I upgraded the iMac with and SSD after maxing out the Ram. The Que! Drive is original to when I used this computer new. The slot loading drives on these early iMacs are rather unreliable and I got tired of replacing it.

I normally don’t go in for nostalgia, but when I saw my favorite device from childhood in a Goodwill for a cool ten bucks, I couldn’t resist. I made thousands of recordings on one of these bad boys and am over the moon to have another Sony TC-150

Sun setting over Lake Champlain. A very enjoyable cruise.

This is definitely legit, those calls cannot be stopped. I get three of them a day.

More like: “The last 15 months have shown the team can manage itself remotely with no problem and my position is completely irrelevant as a result. I need to bring you all back to justify to the company why they need to keep me around”.


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