@lesbianhacker The Spanish flu outbreak ended in 1920, the Bolsheviks didn’t come to power until 1922. The civil war was from 1917-22. The situation on the ground from 1918-1925 can best be described as very dire. Had the U.S. not railed tens of millions of dollars in humanitarian aid it’s very possible all of Russia would have become a failed state.

for the flu itself in the midst of a full blown civil war, here is a pretty good article: demo.polr.me/1

@march Ever try sk1? I prefer it over Inkscape. It’s free and open source.

@volpeon @volpeon how about Ubuntu Touch? The UBports community has a deb specifically for Ubuntu desktop.

I have been slowly turning off all notifications, tones, and sounds on my phones. Starting today I am down to only having notifications for phone calls.

Its been really successful and I feel less stressed. This is especially true when I am at work and have to mind both of my phones. Now I just check them every couple hours.

Ultimately, I'd like to get down to checking twice a day and only make calls on the weekend.

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Dear web developers, If you think your app really, really, really needs to open a new window maximised, I can assure you you are definitely wrong.

@feld lol this whole Ted Cruz is Zodiac thing makes me feel older. The guy is 50, only ten years older than me. He was filling diapers when Zodiac was active. But, the memes are hilarious.

@info_activism is the video of this being posted somewhere after the fact? I’m interested, but it’s in the middle of my work day.

@feld @feld by cutting lots of corners and raising the animals in disgusting conditions to take advantage of economies of scale.

@tk Been a long time since I thought about it and this is the second time today. Was cleaning out me email and just saw the notification for the release of version 3.0.5 from like a month ago.

@Ricardus inversion stretching, great way to keep tight backs from being stiff. It’s usually done on a chair with a seesawing mechanism. Thusly:

Today I am grateful to have some new writing drafts to work on that are not total trash at the onset.

@tk I really liked 32bit ppc, I got so much mileage out of my iBook.

Its hard to plan your future when your present is so smothering.

It’s been 13 years, but I finally have a chance to see both Stargate SG-1 movies!

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@DCLXVI Happy to help. The biggest thing with writing, is doing it. Even if it’s utter garbage, it better than the thing you didn’t write. If I’m feeling self conscious or stuck, I write about a character with the same problem. Leaning into barriers is the best way to beat them.

@DCLXVI I started creative writing by first creating a character that I used in short stories. Slowly the character developed over several interations until I landed on a story concept that spoke to me.

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