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Last night was sad to watch my team fall apart so completely. It was a truly maddening season. All the talent and skill is there, its just the consistency that hurts us.

Off to hustle some money up delivering food, hears hoping I get no Five Guys orders. That swill stinks up my car so bad.

Also, go Celtics!

This Thursday feels a bit like a Friday. Feeling pretty good

I slept like a stone at the bottom if a still lake last night, feeling super refreshed!

Just rewatched Miami Vice, though I still think everyone acts too woody, my opinion of it has improved

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Free snacks at work day, so many goodies I would never pay money for.

Bad Wolves is to hard rock what Collective Soul is to Alternative. Some neat videos, one or two ok songs, and everything else is forgettable.

/The radio has been pushing their new song hard in my area and its grttibg very old quickly.

A restful evening was certainly in order, now for some equally important sleep. Good Night Everyone!

Bugged out of work early, it was simply too nice out, and too quiet at work. Was starting to feel queezy after lunch, but after an hour lay down I feel much better.

Looking to be a great day out. I might cut out of work early.

I'd like to just take a moment to honor Philip Baker Hall for all of the wonderful hours of entertainment his roles have provided me over the years. I encourage everyone to watch your favorite movie or TV episode. I'll be watching my personal favorite, "Duck" to night.

Actually getting a fair amount of work done and am nowhere newr as sore as I thought I'd be. Hopefully I can keep it chugging along.

Well I survived felling my first tree by axe in a long time. Also got some good preliminary work done in the new garden.

Off to chop down trees, hopefully this wont be my last post today

I love it when the weather prediction is for rain and it turns out to be beautiful, its like a bonus! Garden day will be far more enjoyable

The road to the top of Mount Washington was so hairy, id only ever hiked or taken the train. In retrospect those are preferable. Lots of driving today. Looking forward to a day in the garden tomorrow!

Making my way with the fam to MT Washington for the day

I now have a very rough sketch of how I'm going to turn my home into a suburban homestead. Now to get it redone to scale and with build out phases. Then comes the very fun part of figuring out how to make it all low/no cost.

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