almost didn't come up with that one
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Hidey, the black cat who always wants belly rubs but who also puts herself in a place where she can't actually get her belly rubbed.

that one hurt
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I should be studying... but I don't want to...

well, well, well, a night time low below 65°? what magic is that?

I guess I should leave the house and get something done today...

is it ever going to get better?
entropy and all that...
will we ever get to another enlightenment or renaissance? or are we stuck forever in the new dark ages?

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yeah, I know, nobody cares... lol

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I am really trying to stay quiet on this topic due to the anger I have...voicing my thoughts is not a good idea. So hopefully, here is something a bit better to post. If you can help, please help, even if just by boosting this.

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lol me
I still haven't had a chance to do this. We kept getting called out for rehab. Four fires in four days.

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or I might end up spending 6 hours assisting at a vegetation fire...

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well, so, since it's going to be like a bizillion degrees here today... I might get out the solar oven and make cookies. this is most like the one I use:

but there are tons of design plans online. (it's a great summer project for kids)

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