fire weather watches popping up for the end of the week.
Gonna be a long summer.

I don't know folks... there's this wet stuff falling from the sky. 🌧️

This has been one of those weeks that leaves me wondering why I sign up to volunteer.

good grief, I don't know what's blooming right now, but I'll be glad when it stops!

oh Sharks
put the game on for 5 minutes and the Ducks scored twice 😱

ewww...CA primary election voter guide just came in the mail.
😢 ugh
63 pages...41 of those "candidate statements"
Though I'm not sure "F all politicians" is quite the position statement this candidate thinks it is.🤷‍♀️

My apologies if I accidentally follow you, unfollow you, don't follow you, mute you... or do any other annoying thing. I"m still trying to figure this thing out. [Two years ago I gave up.]

one of those cat pix I mentioned earlier. A young Hidey.
So named because when we first brought her home from the shelter she would hide everywhere. Tub, frig, oven, fireplace, any open cabinet if she could get in to it she would hide in it.

On twitter I mostly posted cat, garden, and nature pix; fire, weather, disaster preparedness, and science info; rants; and bad puns. I would expect things won't be much different here.

I tried Mastodon about 2 years ago and I had a difficult time making sense of it all. Returning now because... well you know...
Is there any equivalent on here to what we call ?

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