Hi SF folks! First time here in the Bay server but longtime member of the verse. I’m originally from sf and happy to chat/toot about SF and Bay things.


@bzdata hello! first time verse login :). Moved to Frisco from Oregon just 2 1/2-3 weeks before our first ever lock down, I sure did pick a time to change my life and move almost 1,000mi away from home with no family or friends 😅.

do you know of any cool private lookout spots? Preferably high up w/a gorgeous view. Maybe some locals only knowledge pretty plz ? :)

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@Schliechera there are a few! Are you looking for city or outside of the city? Also, any specific views (city or just a good lookout)?

@Schliechera @bzdata Marin Headlands is always good. Go all the way up to the top on a low-tourist day and check out the city. Also great for moon and stars and, of course, ocean. Golden Gate Heights is awesome, though very windy. Twin Peaks tends to be great—go up there at an odd hour and look at the city. I think it's also fun to go there when it's really foggy (makes me feel like I'm in a very loud cloud), but I don't know if other people like that lol

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