From the Vallejo Sun, city officials reportedly warned CalTrans that there was not sufficient shelter available before CalTrans began encampment sweeps:

Scalawag with first person reporting on the use of technology for surveillance in prisons:

ProPublica's Eric Umansky interviewing political scientist Barbara Walter about threats to democracy:

The Oaklandside on Oakland's progress (or lack thereof) in providing shelter and services to the unhoused:

Mission Local on the uncertain future for San Francisco's innocence commission under DA Jenkins:

Bolts Magazine on the success of safe injection sites in the Netherlands:

Capital B interviews Andre Banks, the activist working to combat climate misinformation in Black communities:

Bolts Magazine on a bill to completely change voter registration in Washington D.C.:

The Oaklandside on mayoral candidate Seneca Scott's calls for increased policing and arrest for brandishing a firearm:

Bolts Magazine interviews a candidate for Secretary of State in Vermont on expanding ballot access:

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