Just joined. New-ish Bay Area resident from Europe. Work in tech (predictably) and interested in Mastadon. Would be glad to chat.

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@TiredDad Welcome to and to the Bay Area in general!

@TiredDad I'm SoCal. Tired. Dad. Tell us more. You're from Europe. Where? Work in tech? Dev, dba, ops?

@DCLXVI hey, from the UK, lived in Switzerland for a long time. Moved to the bay area just in time to be locked down. Work as a technical PM. I'm a hobbyist developer, build small web apps, tinker with Python for machine learning, Pi projects etc. How about you?

@TiredDad Nice. I've visited Switzerland once when I was young. I love London and can't wait to get back after the pandemic. Interesting you're a PM. I've worked in ops for years, but was recently hired as a PM for a small company, even though I have no experience doing it. I love Linux and R-Pi. Live in San Diego with my family. Welcome to Mastodon!

@DCLXVI thanks man, Yeah I'm hoping to get back to the UK and CH this year COVID-permitting. I hear San Diego is cool, and has a great tech scene; my bother used to work at Samsung there & I know Apple and Sony have a good presence. Congrats on the new job and have fun Jira-wrangling!

@TiredDad The good thing about being the first PM at a small company is I can tell them I'll never use Atlassian software. 🤘

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