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Call me TJ. I live in the Bay Area with my wife and our brood of spawn. I’m a very learn’ed software engineer, specialized in infrastructure, systems engineering, security, and cryptography. My first computer had 512k of RAM. I ride motorcycles, drive fast cars, and engage in risky behaviors. Currently bootstrapping my own thing.

How many hardcore C engineers are on this thing?

Who is in charge of DNSSEC? I would love to talk to them.

Whelp, some poor intern at y-combinator just got assigned the job of reviewing my application, I’m truly sorry for this, yet truly not sorry as well.

Hmm, I have naturally arrived at a toolsuite consisting of TeXworks, TeXmacs, Tik, matplot and omnigraffle. All of this is required to author one single document. Pray for me, or send alternative options. Thanks!

Let’s say you hypothetically just reduced to practice a quantum robust digital signature algorithm that was from a communications perspective, a reasonable drop in replacement for RSA. The implication being that it’s suitable for signing pqc ephemeral keys and bootstrapping a trusted asymmetric cipher, giving you privacy and security against cryptographically relevant quantum computers. Assume you also invested 14 months of your life working to solve this, what would you do? GPL it?

Don’t try and tell me what to wordle

Wordle 330 X/6


Looks like #NVIDIA's been naughty.

#SEC Charges NVIDIA Corporation with Inadequate Disclosures about Impact of #Cryptomining.

Welp, that idea went bust when I did full validation. There would be an opportunity for a clever adversary to forge signatures. It was somebody else’s obscure cryptography. But, about 4 hours after I realized the flaw, my brain bubbled up the correct answer, and it’s novel. Anyone else starting to see finate fields as topography?

Hey and friends. Don’t let your guard down, with regard to social distancing and masking. It’s not even COVID that is surging around me, it’s influenza! I got it from my kindergartener, because they are filthy vectors for all sorts of illness. I feel like shit. Don’t be like me, stay safe from COVID-19 and influenza, wear a mask.

Wordle 318 2/6


I don’t even play normal wordle, It was too easy. My first word is always whatever my last incorrect guess was. Make it kind of determinisitic. I got lucky here, but sometimes I’d rather be lucky than good.

Huzzah! I can use my pq signature algorithm to sign ephemeral SIDH keys. Literally nobody understands wtf I’m talking about, but, great success! Everything seems to be running correctly, finally.


I know a lot of people are looking at this draft opinion from the supreme court and taking it at face value, which is appropriate. But past that, my question is who leaked it, and why? What was the politicial calculus? I honestly cannot decide if this is a Republican Hail Mary to re-engage their base ahead of the mid-terms, or if this was a Democrat cry for help, it certainly wasn't both. Any thoughts

@jerry @TunnelJanitor I highly recommend Backblaze for object storage, you can stuck Nginx in front as a proxy (or Cloudflare) and the prices are dirt cheap despite really good speeds and solid reliability.

$5/TB and free outbound data if you're using a bandwidth alliance partner (DigitalOcean, Cloudflare, etc.)

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