I'm shocked when I see front yards in Berkeley with signs saying black lives matter next to signs saying no to high rise apartments at the north Berkeley Bart Station. The housing crisis disproportionately affects low income, often non-white community members. We need to reverse racist single family home exclusionary zoning laws and build apartments to house the community members who have been pushed to the streets and parks of Berkeley.


Progress!! Great job Berkeley, one down many more to go:


Great work Satellite Affordable Housing, Berkeley Housing Authority, City of Berkeley and voters who approved Measure O. We've still got a long ways to go but after 30 years of no affordable housing development, it's great to break the ice and work towards making Berkeley a more inclusive community. 🙏💪

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Ok, yes. But still a little klunky i think.

A different solution would be instead of having to copy paste the url...
1/ you only have to click on a link to someone elses profile
2/ your web client recognises this is a link to another mastadon client
3/ and then the profile is automatically loaded in the your web client instead of switching to the other server's client.

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@confusedbunny @benx

It depends what you mean by "use".

You can follow and interact with these services from your Mastodon.

If you post a photo on Mastodon, it will be visible to people on PixelFed as if you had a PixelFed account.

If a PixelFed person posts a photo, it will be visible to people on Mastodon as if they had a Mastodon account.

There's not a huge difference there in functionality, so there's not really a need to have separate accounts.

In the case of BookWyrm, if you want to write a new book review yourself you would probably need to sign up on a BookWyrm server.

But if you just want to follow and comment on what BookWyrmers are posting, you can do that from Mastodon.

There's no central Fediverse account system because when you centralise stuff, it sooner or later gets bought out by Elon Musk type people.

Hello bay area federated twitter peeps 👋


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