Built Death Star trench run diorama set today. Now it lives in the space corner of the living room

I have been methodically and carefully applying the decals last few weekends.

Back when I was a kid, the Tamiya Mark Fit solution wasn’t available. At least I didn’t know about it. There’s no way the teeth decals will wrap around the fuselage without using it!

There’re many tiny decals to go before I can apply a coating of matte protective spray. Then I can weather the model with the panel line accent color.

Got hand drawn cards from my daughters for . Then we drove down to Carmel for lunch with a coffee stop at Moss Landing.

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protect a term, then sue everyone who's already using it, is an evil that used to be just for software. now have brought patent trolling to the food world. their product must be terrible if this is how they have to get revenue

Computer Science: We spent decades improving and optimizing search engine for your device. So you can find anything using simple text!

Most users: 1000 browser open tabs.

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The reason Ricky Gervais was funny on the office is because the character he was playing was basically himself; an obnoxious, insensitive egomaniac and bigoted jerk with no self-awareness who wants others to see him as a good person. That’s why he’s not funny in any other show.

Made some more progress on the A-10 this weekend.

Canopies are on. Some very minor paint touch up needed later.

Then all three wheels are added and the plane now can stand on its own wheels! Couple of rear wheel panels to be added later.

Final paint touch up needed on the vertical stabilizer before I can apply the many decals!

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He's trying to hide his excitement for the official pixelfed mobile app!

If you'd like to participate in our mobile app alpha, make sure you follow this account and boost this post.

We'll be inviting a few people at random (that follow us and boosted this post) to test out the app before anyone else! #pixelfed #pixelfedMobile

Tried to make Hong Kong style milk tea 🥛🫖. Got condensed milk instead of evaporated so it ends up too sweat for the rest of the family.

Less condensed milk next time!

First ride in 3.5 months!

Not surprisingly, all metrics are worse! And have to re-paired my HRM, and power meter.

I swear there’s a chicken katsu curry there just 5 minutes ago

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