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"Palästinenser bei Militäreinsatz getötet"

which translates to:

"Palestinian(s) killed during military operation" (readers would naturally assume the singular, i.e. one casualty)

This is how "#tagesschau" routinely obscures simple facts like the ones that not less than 4 Palestinians lost their lives and more than 40 were wounded due to this act of Zionist aggression against #Jenin.

#Palestine #Occupation #Apartheid
#ZTF #IOF #IDF [sic] #Zionism
#Palästina #Besatzung

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Hello Fediverse/Mastodon,

I tried to register twice with the "" Mastodon instance and both times I got to the point where I successfully got my e-mail address verified and was advised to await approval.

In both cases I was signed out after a while and not able to sign in again, and I also did not receive any further e-mail or even an explanation why they have rejected my application.

As a consequence, I can only recommend that you stay away from ""!



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7,000-year-old structure near is older than Stonehenge, Egyptian pyramids

It's among the 'oldest evidence of architecture' in .

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