Atlanta Smart City Systems offers its solution to this problem and it consists in the implementation of conditionally public ball rating. Reputation is formed on the basis of user behavior inside the system, in relation to other users. The condition of publicity is to ensure the right to privacy of personal information. Thus, each user can decide for himself: to whom he wants to show his reputation level, and to whom — not.

Instead, they try to create a negative information background around a competitor, seeking to destroy his achievements and inner potential. This phenomenon leads to the degradation of society as a whole and to a decrease in the efficiency of public and private structures.

Unfortunately, the "information warfare" has long gone beyond the political and business structures. It has entered the daily life of every person and turned into a "war of all against all. Seeing a potential rival (in any sphere), a large number of people, as a rule, no longer try to take the path of self-development and, constructively, in a fair fight, to surpass their rival.

Like a cancerous tumor, destructive information spreads, destroying the foundations of society and relationships at all levels, bringing it to its knees before the beneficiary of information flow.

Information is an essential part of every person's life. It is on the basis of this information that each of us forms a vision of the past, present and future. Information can both influence the thinking of a particular person and manage whole nations. Thoughts are the beginning of actions, so it is very important for society to learn to separate constructive and destructive information flow. Fairies and manipulations have become as effective means of struggle as classical weapons.

Atlanta Smart City Systems offers a third development option that provides the core value of human life - personal freedom. The third option is to carry out a geographical segmentation of the planet with the construction of a cluster economic architecture to allow operational isolation for the non-proliferation of viruses and not to create such situations.

The first is to leave everything as it is and continue to live/work in the same system, waiting for a new round of COVID-19 or a new virus;
The second is to create a centralized system for mass control of the population and the spread of viruses;

The focus on achieving benefits has distracted us from the issues of systemic security. The created vertical turned out to be unreliable and the small virus COVID-19 showed the fragility of economic architecture, with the only bearing support, in general. At the moment, we are standing on a crossroads. And we have several options for the way forward:

COVID-19 is one of the many viruses that humans have experienced throughout history in the form of epidemics and pandemics. Cholera, smallpox, tuberculosis, plague, Spanish flu, HIV. History is not new and is repeating itself again. Nevertheless, we can see how much the new virus has hit humanity as a whole, despite the level of development of medicine, communication, and science in general. And this is a natural result of the formation of a consumer society.

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