Because many CEOs are speaking out against Georgia's awful new voting restrictions, today I literally heard a conservative talk radio host accuse them of being overpaid elitists.

Wait... for the last 35 years their exorbitant salaries were just capitalism working properly... now they're overpaid and taking advantage of the underpaid counter workers who had to risk their lives for the past 12 months due to Covid.

Just wow.

New bike day for my sister! I got to build her new ebike and had help from my nephew

@jaye did you get the spanner you need? Blind guess is a torx t25

Learned about Gyros (AKA Detanglers) yesterday fixing bikes for kids. The rear brake cable splits, then pulls through a bearing so you can do bar spins without cables getting in the way. I didn’t have a BMX growing up so these are new to me, and super cool!

#Bikes #MastoBikes #BikeWrench

🔧 If you ever want things to get *really* #dirty, go and try overhauling a 30+ year old internal gear hub. (set your grease gun to „max“).

Just gave a 3 hour hands-on workshop on old-school Fichtel&#Sachs 3- to 7-gear hubs for our local repair café volunteers. 🤩 so rewarding, such beautiful #mechanics

the basics haven't changed since 1928!

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Sometimes taking care of the hard things is self care. Get them done and you'll free yourself of that stress.

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