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boosts ok, question about homelessness 

hey can someone please help me out with advice if you have been through this?

I am most likely going to be houseless soon. How can i best prepare?

Atlanta spoilers 

Alexander Skarsgård getting all giddy over eating hands? Inspired. Van beating a man with the stalest baguette on earth? Stunning. I think this is my favorite episode.

Walked home after my eye appointment and saw ducks and neat trees and SOOOO much fennel growing everywhere, just all the fennel

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I've been maintaining a spreadsheet for personal use of Bay Area campgrounds accessible via public transit, and figured I'd put it on GitHub just for kicks:

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I documented some of my recent experiments in reverse-engineering the Print Gocco, a Japanese DIY printmaking tool from the 1970s. You can read about it here: #theWorkshop

Finally trying out This War Of Mine now that it's on Game Pass. Did 2 initial runs where I only made it the first few days so I could get a feel for the game and how I should plan to use resources. Now I'm on day 15 or so of my third run and I can't even keep people consistently fed 😭

I described the 2 websites I work on that are connected but serve very different purposes as "sisters, not twins" like they're fuckin eyebrows today during a recorded meeting and am??? maybe embarrassed??

you know what, it made sense to the guy I was talking to and will hopefully be helpful to other people, I'm just not going to think about how many people will hear me say that

Does anybody know of an club or organization in San Francisco proper? (Preferably outdoors, but I'd like to hear about indoor ranges, too.) I know there's SF Archers out in Pacifica, but without a car it's difficult to get down there.

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Sign in a movie theater: No outside snacks, drinks, treats, delights, or goodies. No outside context, preconceived notions, or influences. No language, symbols or signs. No attachment to any reality outside of that presented by the film you are about to watch. You can bring a 40oz but it has to be in a paper bag.


HOW am I supposed to read this in 2022 without giggling?

“What, stay home, you say?!? Keep in mind that many of the ‘social distancing measures’ planned by the CDC to slow the spread of a flu pandemic include closing schools, malls and other places where large groups of people could congregate and exchange germs…

In these circumstances, daycares will also be likely to close. We may get to a point where only ‘essential’ serviced are working”

dude, I WISH lol

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I’m reading When There Is No Doctor and it’s good and has lots of useful information, but it came out in 2010 and every time the author talks about preparing for pandemics I just want to laugh. Like, this guy really thought we were going to be able to have designated sickrooms 😂

food, sweets 

fuuuuuu I have been DYING to eat a Tofutti Cutie for like 12 years because I haven’t been able to find them ANYWHERE in SF and it looks like the closest place that has them is Berkeley Bowl 🥲 I’m never gonna get to eat them again istg

book discussion, Joyful Militancy 

…patience for me.”

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book discussion, Joyful Militancy 

this quote from Joyful Militancy feels like such a good reminder

“If I wanted to fill out a form to describe my identity, I would check a bunch of boxes that make my experience worth standing up for: Queer. Trans. Person of Color. Former Sex Trade Worker. Ironically, the biggest advocates for people like me—the people ready to throw down state about harm reduction and youth, gender queer folks, and the vulnerable people in society—many of them had no…

food, sweets 

I sent my mom some chocolate-covered strawberries for her birthday and she just called me and was SO happy and excited. 🥰 It's really nice to be at the point where I can finally afford to get her gifts.

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hey humans! if i enjoyed oneshot, and i enjoyed a short hike, and i enjoyed untitled goose game, do you have any recs for other games i might enjoy? preferably:
- with good music
- no big time constraints/need to memorise complicated key combos
- indie enough to be on

Duolingo pulling no punches today I guess. I feel like I need to béicim gach lá tbh, but morning is a start

food, photo of bread 

Took ✨hours✨ but it’s finally out of the oven! It was crackling while it cooled which was so neat to hear!

Thinking a lot these days about Mary Ware Dennett and all the time and energy she spent on getting basic sex education to people who needed it despite obscenity laws like the Comstock Act, and fought for access to birth control and information about it, including attempting to make an exception for birth control in obscenity laws.

She'd be real steamed right now, I think.

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