Hey everyone! Looking for resources on incorporating anti-racist practices into teaching, both high school- and college-level. Especially interested in how to responsibly promote + honor non-White scientists, but any resources or pointers are welcome!

@seb Servers need naps, too! Thanks for the work you do :D

@hund Not OPs, but it's basically the idea that companies (Google, Amazon, Apple, etc) are making trillions of dollars by surveilling, analyzing, and selling increasingly large portions of our lives (whether public, private, or secret). Everything we do on our computers is effectively fair game to be added to these companies' profit streams. Watch the doc!

dangerously mundane toot, read at your own risk 

i wonder what a content warning label looks like

what's up peeeeeps!! hope you are all safe and happy <3 thank you for welcoming me to mastodon

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The Flight Deck "#OpenYourLobby venues are a resource for protestors to prepare, rest, and recover. We will NOT permit police inside the building. It is unlawful for police to enter without a warrant or unless granted permission"

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