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Time for another round of

Hi! My name's Elisha and I'm still experimenting to see where I belong in the fediverse. I was previously @elisha but I didn't want to spam people with non-food related photos, so here I am, on maybe a more apt instance.

And yes, I'm from the Bay Area. Pier 7 is my favorite pier in Embarcadero.

Nice to meet you! :)

My brother and I just tried to rewatch Sleeping Beauty and I can't believe I liked this when I was younger. Yikes. My future daughter will be watching Brave and Frozen, thank you.

Guilty weird habit - I check the FSA store every now and then because they have surprising things in there from time to time. Today's discovery: Thinx!

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I don't know if it's the fluctuating temperature changes, the lack of sunlight or just my body doing it's thing, but I am back to frequent-headache-land and it is not making me happy :(

Me dealing with life and people in general.

(Manga: Mairimashita Iruma-kun)

I've compiled questions for tomorrow's room viewing! I'm super excited but also slightly nervous 😬

Scoured Craigslist obsessively today and found a few gems worth trying my luck at. Crossing my fingers D:

Woke up this morning from an absolutely horrible dream. Some things really just like to remind you of their presence :/

Re-watching old childhood movies on Disney+ and I'm not going to lie - the subtitles are helping me finally understand a few lines I never understood back then.

Thank God for subtitles.

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I just heard about The StoryGraph, which is currently in beta. Tt's apparently a non-Amazon Goodreads alternative (without being social media), founded by a Black woman. Link to the beta site is at the bottom of this page:

Kinda glad that this quarintine has finally shifted the conversation to using reusable menstrual products in my friend group. I've been talking about it FOREVER and no one's been able to relate to me until now ;___;

Just realized that we're already at the halfway point of 2020. And even if the world is a mess and every day seems to have some external threat, health or financial otherwise, there's still a lot of things that I'm absolutely grateful for.

Nixit and Ziggy Questions 

Putting this out there for anyone else who's had experience with them - how is it?

I've started to experiment with Flex this current cycle and I'm loving it (cups have never worked out for me, sadly) but I hate that it's disposable. It seems that these two are the leading ones in the disc business, so I was wondering which one to get.

Or should I try using flex first for a few more cycles?

It's been awhile since I opened my Switch - gotta find new games to play on it!

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The older I get the more I think cellulite and stretch marks on anyone are extremely hot so I don’t generally know what the hell the media is doing on that front by getting rid of them

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My favorite feature of the Fediverse is NO STATS

Don't tell me how many people who have seen my posts
I don't need to know how many people engaged
Why would you tell me what post caused someone to follow me
Don't turn my relationships into stats you heartless nerds

Sad thought of the day: I can't relate to my friends, and neither can they relate to me much :(

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Okay seriously the bowl is doing wonders, but also I'm happy to say that I'm delightfully surprised how different salads actually taste like if you buy veggies fresh from the farmer's market? They're extra crunchy!

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Does anyone know what kind of vegetable this is? I got a surprise box from the farmers market today and this is the only thing we couldn't identify

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