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Time for another round of

Hi! My name's Elisha and I'm still experimenting to see where I belong in the fediverse. I was previously but I didn't want to spam people with non-food related photos, so here I am, on maybe a more apt instance.

And yes, I'm from the Bay Area. Pier 7 is my favorite pier in Embarcadero.

Nice to meet you! :)

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This toot was not brought to you by Squarespace. Or Skillshare.

I am in need of ideas! We were thinking of sending stuff to our co-workers, but besides like your basic care package and a food box delivery thing like Hello Fresh or Good Eggs, what other fun thing can we send or provide? What have you gotten in the mail? :)

Stuff that I've thought of so far:
- Book of the Month type?
- Coffee box?

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Recipes that say: 1 clove of garlic.

Only 1 clove??!!

ONE CLOVE?????!!!!!

#Garlic #FediKitchen

I'm so emotionally distraught that I'm going to go make myself boxed mac and cheese because I need to calm the f down.

Today's greatest accomplishment - changing the broken knob on my old mortise-style doorknob lock thing.

If this thing breaks again, I'm going to learn how to install a modern doorknob :/

The sewing machine is up and running again! If I knew earlier that getting it repaired was going to be painless (sans the embarassment of admitting we never got to use it before it got wrecked), I would've done it ages ago :(

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Also, I got this book from work. Like literally we were all gifted a copy as a surprise :))

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That one rare occasion that I'm actually reading a serious, non-fiction book and actually enjoying it.

Pretty good read so far - because let's face it: loneliness is universal.

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I don’t think the Snapchat anime filter has much bearded middle eastern characters in its training data, so it tweaks out on my face

Took 5 months for me to notice less hair fall in the shower. The worst is finally over!!! I also switched to a non-sulfate formula, so that might have something to do with it..?

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We have #gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, gaming mice.

Prepare for the next level: Gaming #shoes

BrandX Active Gaming Footwear

In extensive talks with professional gamers we uncovered the need for a sock-like shoe; one that is comfortable, lightweight and grippy. It has a super-low p...

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Something I think about all the time:

I was working at the public library when the final Wheel of Time book came out. And when the book hit the shelves, the people who were first in the holds queue were FEVERISH for this book in a way I had never seen anybody be for any book.

I vividly remember this one guy who was waiting at the door the minute we opened on the day we got the book.

Ngghhhh I looked at nextdoor and there's a digital piano going for $300 and I'm losing my mind here.

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I want to pick up playing the piano again, but alas - still no piano

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"Same-Sex Couples Are More Likely to Adopt or Foster Children"

New US census report (based on the ACS 2019 data) shows that same-sex couples are more likely to foster children. I am in a same-sex marriage and I don't usually talk about this next part publicly AT ALL but I have a foster kid and I highly recommend it for queer families, especially since a high proportion of foster kids are queer themselves.

Burnout by 3D is giving me major feels. Why.

Also it gives me this "I'm younger but this is what I think older people do" vibes - been there, done that.

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