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Time for another round of

Hi! My name's Elisha and I'm still experimenting to see where I belong in the fediverse. I was previously @elisha but I didn't want to spam people with non-food related photos, so here I am, on maybe a more apt instance.

And yes, I'm from the Bay Area. Pier 7 is my favorite pier in Embarcadero.

Nice to meet you! :)

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I’m considering doing an #OctoberPublishingChallenge - every day in October, publish one piece of written or video content, whatever the platform is, whatever the topic is, just something structured and rather sophisticated. Wanna join? Use the hashtag!

Fighting the urge to get milk tea. Uuuggghhhh

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You don't need to speak English like a native

It's okay to have "weird" pacing when speaking. It's also okay to make sentences with correct meaning but uncommon phrasing

Don't allow yourself to pause because you're struggling to find the most native-sounding way to phrase what you mean

Just express what you mean in the most comfortable way to you

There's no "broken" English. English isn't owned by Americans or the British. For better or worse, it's become an international language.

My mantra these days: Just because I can, doesn't mean I should.

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Does anyone want a Sherb in ACNH? I accidentally let him go but I'm okay with parting with him too :)

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The view from my new room isn't what you'd call breathtaking, but I like it either way. Project Move Out is finally done! It's definitely a bit lonely but I'm absolutely thrilled to be in this new chapter of adult life :D

Also me: buys cans of beer that I'm sure I'll only be able to finish in months :/ heck yeah freedom.

So I'm taking a break and I'm looking at all the stuff I've staged for tomorrow in our living room and I'm curious - how in the world did i hide it all before??? I've purged so many things but I still have a lot? This doesn't make sense at ALL

Scientific weird discovery 

Just read an article that sperm cells move in a corkscrew motion, like the way an otter would spin in water playfully, to propel itself forward.

Hey, the more you know...?

I am now absolutely convinced that life is all about the little wins.

Slightly becoming obsessed with watching shoes being torn apart bit by bit and reviewed based on the materials used, c/o Rose Anvil's YT -

Maybe I should get back to gaming before I go any further ._.

"Trying not to die on the first week" starter pack

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I am now a proud owner of a very sexy frying pan. Yes, it is sexy in my eyes and yes, I can't believe getting all my kitchen stuff is making me absolutely happy.

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The worst thing about 21st century internet culture? The fact that two generations of people have been conditioned to refer to everything they do as "content".

Are you a writer? An artist? A photographer? A film maker? A blogger? It no longer matters. You're a content creator and something something monetisation.

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Full video. It's 3 hours long and every second of it is crucial to your rights.

In many cases these billionaire CEOs refused to answer direct questions that have been extensively covered in the media and are directly related to their companies, saying they are NOT FAMILIAR WITH THESE ISSUES. Or that they will "get back to your office."

I realized that I've become the normie that I vowed not to be.

I know I'm super excited for the move but let me just say this - I have always lived in a house with family and extended relatives, and except to study and read, I always stayed and socialized in the living/dining room. I'm nervous the loneliness staying inside my own room is going to kill me HAHA

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