@tempo Mint will provide a GUI on the atom if you want one. If it's just cli I use a Debian tailored for the board, headless over ssh. labuab.com/nothing is running on that.

@seb There's little mention in the news about crime or creative writing, intuitively both would rise but I don't get that impression. The only lesson I've gleaned so far is not to rely on emergency planning or job security.

Are you on the pharma lab coat and test tube side, or the patenting side? Or, of course, the ubiquitous IT back office where all the cutting edge technology happens.

Hi Seb, Tony, it's good to see you both. No queries so far. I like the interface. Jowan's wondering when the shutdown will show up in the stats. There's still a lot of social life outdoors. Less free countries can turn the curve quicker and get back to work but they don't have the soap-opera politics to compensate.

Hello World.

Toot count no longer zero, social media accounts no longer zero and I have somewhere to listen and talk during the lockdown.

I’m John, my 8 year old Jowan is joining in and learning. I said I’d find a place where he could get the answers I don’t know.

John's choices:


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