@tempo Mint will provide a GUI on the atom if you want one. If it's just cli I use a Debian tailored for the board, headless over ssh. labuab.com/nothing is running on that.

@john I'm in the market for a GUI (less about my coding, more about regular desktop usage and content creation)

the biggest issue with this particular machine is (other than the 32 bit UEFI for a 64-bit chip) specific hardware drivers just not being properly available, like the lid sensor (which either doesn't work or constantly puts the machine to sleep every 20 seconds) or the sound card (it's a realtek chip, but one with limited driver support thanks to them not releasing data sheets)


@tempo disable UEFI and blacklist the lid? Difficult sound and net hardware is just a bane. If I can't get one working I add a cheap USB dongle rather than fight it, tecknet hu043 is a useful cheap add-on.

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@john can't, it's UEFI only unfortunately for some bizarre reason

the lid doesn't seem as much of a problem as it used to be (at least in this distros i've tried tonight), but dongling everything may prove to be an issue since i'm too remote for a local shop of any kind with computer parts plus by the time they arrive the PSU for my main pc will probably be here too

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