On the hunt for a SOC MSP for a federaly regulated SMB. Any recommendations? I’m both interested and hesitant in Arctic Wolf

Trying to convince a “senior front-end” developer that a symptom “unable to write to the database” is a permissions error.

how to do a “super refresh”!

If the user holds CTRL while clicking the button or while hitting F5, IE will use OLECMDIDF_REFRESH_COMPLETELY.


Excited to see what IPFS, Golem and Storj will bring!

With the onset of near gigabit speeds at 5G, have we learned enough about the blockchain boom and bust to truly do de-centralization?

I think unfortunately at this point I’m going to have to be a Microsoft nerd for the rest of my life.

Enjoy my son’s first trip to the Zoo! So far he loved benches most


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