ars technica has a headline about Tim Berners-Lee making an NFT and now what? James Parry gonna auction off the original Kibo script?

My Gmail address is old, and it shows my sophomoric sense of humor, as it was back in 2004. This means that when someone is “testing” their email campaign with bogus email addresses, I actually get their email, since it’s not as bogus as they think. This meant that, as Uber launched in Australia, I got to hijack their test account by exercising the emailed password recovery feature. Today’s opportunity is brought to me by the Washington Post.

Okay, bring it: I’m a solo developer doing work on mobile apps, on desktop apps, and occasionally on apps that run on a headless server somewhere. I have finally figured out what Docker is useful for. Anyone want to tell me why I should get smart about Kubernetes?

You are probably more moral than I am. And probably all-around a better person. Yep. And I love that about you. I think you are amazing. Also, I should be practicing.

"For users with accessibility needs, .."

all users have accessibility needs. you just only care about some of them.

We’ve been slogging, for months, through the process of putting our every possession into a spreadsheet. Then over the weekend we were told, “Oh, if you’ve got it written down, just send us that and we’ll transcribe it for you.” Holy cow! That’s easy!

Today’s genius move was to eat breakfast, then do some actual programming, and *then* check social media. Living my much better life!

ZOMG I posted a question about an obscure topic on a SwiftUI forum and it got answered with the right / helpful answer while I was testing the right / helpful answer. So, okay, next up: how do I linkspam the answer so that the next dev who wants to know this can find it in less than a day?

Clearly not doing my best thinking. Feeling a bit stymied by a software project, I find myself looking at online courses in electrical engineering. Wait a minute. I didn’t do EE back when I was young and smart, why am I doing this now? Oh yeah, because I’m all fuzzy-headed.

Yesterday I got my 2nd shot of Pfizer’s vaccine. Today, I’ve been pretty much okay except a sore arm and a low-grade headache.

I kind of wish I could install Xcode updates via wget. If I spent half an hour writing and debugging a shell script to download it, I could schedule the job and keep on working and I would come out ahead.

so this covid risk calculator is actually really well done. it's extensively thought-out, based on actual science, considers where you live and current data in making its calculations, and you can read a very accessible, thorough explanation of their reasoning:

i'm finding it very helpful in this time of "reopening propaganda" which is coming from everywhere in the US, it seems.

It’s the end of the day and I’ve accomplished very few of the important things. Among those I’ve done are practicing music and spending time with my family, but the rest of the list…well, it’s just going to have to wait because my focus is all…crocus.

For various reasons and by a twisting route, I started thinking about building my own spreadsheet. Like you do. And then, thinking about how to model cell dependencies, to make recalculation cheap(er), I came to the idea of implementing a spreadsheet with a filesystem and make. Which just makes me think of all those stories from the 90s where someone abused to make it a calculator or whatever. Ah, good times.

And, in corollary, encourage one another to do what is right. “Maybe you ought to eat some real food.” “Oh, I’m having a rough day, I just wanna pig out on ice cream.” “You know, that’s rough. I’m sorry. But seriously, some good, real food will take care of you better than ice cream ever will.”

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The line between ‘support’ and ‘enabling’ is not always bright and sharp. Love and slack help a lot. Rather than vaguebooking, this is just a reminder. Love one another. Give slack. You never know when the person you’re dealing with is just wrapped too tight.

Hey, FSF. Since you won’t listen to women, how about listening to me, a middle-aged white guy?

Today I made significant progress on an app that nobody else will ever use. And I learned how to work with paths in Gimp. And, um…I kicked the ball for the dog, and he was happy.

So we’re gonna go ahead and put today in the “win” bucket.

I just deleted a toot that didn’t need to be in the world.

You’re welcome.

Also, my cute dog says, “Hi.”

My years of working in software have taught me that yes, it does matter how easy it is to set up a new project. Because you only do it a handful of times in your life, and each time you do you won’t remember how to do it.

That said, if the only reason your favorite framework is superior to mine is that it’s easier to set up a new project, I will only admit you’re right a handful of times. In my life.

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