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i delayed my until i could sort out the vibe here.

i found my best friend by telling about my habits. my tastes provoke the judgy but i just mute disrespect. my besties are bookworms. my pile is as tall as me.

i've been around and adjacent to politics - i read a lot but speak of it little. my $DAYJOB is tech, i try to leave it there.

i use run-on sentences to fit in but i'm a trained journalist, i know better, i even know where the shift key is.

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i might have bought twitter myself but didn't have quite enough coin

last boost: my french is lousy but i still learned plenty from this report on the oil pipeline that total s.a. is dragging through uganda and tanzania. the locals are every bit as empowered as you'd expect

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was cleaning and ran across my program from - with a couple of dudes you might recognize

while this is obvs a first world problem, it's also progress i never thought i'd see in my lifetime

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i never see bmws anymore, that demographic seems to be driving teslas now

morning in the city: a harley screams by blasting the grease soundtrack

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I’d like to have Tokyo subway version…
RT @a2
Recent purchase that is only matched in how unnecessary it was by how cool it is. (And yes, that’s live train data.) [ref]

i figure well-adjusted people don't wind down from their workdays with an air traffic control game

but snoop dogg nature videos, i mean really

i am digging being able to set different visibility per post. i often forget and then have to do delete and re-draft, which i also am digging. heck, i'm just digging

on a street with a separated and marked bike lane, where should a mini electric scooter (lime, etc) be ridden?

i was writing a review of a book-themed guide, and i thought maybe some of you would enjoy getting inside the

argh, when the web site says "respectively, in that order of position," strunk and white are literally turning over in their grave, so to speak

i upgraded to pop!_os (-based) 22.04 and now my pro 2018 won't connect to its wi-fi , but my macbook non-pro late 2017 will, as will my androids. anyone seen this? both macs on big sur

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