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i delayed my until i could sort out the vibe here.

i found my best friend by telling about my habits. my tastes provoke the judgy but i just mute disrespect. my besties are bookworms. my pile is as tall as me.

i've been around and adjacent to politics - i read a lot but speak of it little. my $DAYJOB is tech, i try to leave it there.

i use run-on sentences to fit in but i'm a trained journalist, i know better, i even know where the shift key is.

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i might have bought twitter myself but didn't have quite enough coin

ms may was mistaken. there is a magic money tree after all

css grid is what happens when you complain to the marquis de sade that html tables aren't elegant

the good guys are always looking for the last thing, the bad guys for the next thing

at uni a college republican on my floor routinely called my best mate a pinko commie. said commie is - not standing to my left

@Robynw while the articles on audio surveillance seem to be from 2011-2012 - not clear if it was fully rolled out - mass video surveillance is backed even by those whom i once would have expected to be suspicious of it, like peskin and rafa

alright, just stop the f'cking spitting. i don' like being spa' a'

it might rain here soon, which means fall is coming. please take a moment to be sure you can vote. maybe you've moved house. maybe you'll be away and need a mail ballot. maybe you're in a state that requires animal sacrifice. whatever it is, please make it so

haha, i thought, i'm not giving the cloud my passwords, i'll install zxcvbn locally. take that! imagine my surprise to find them in cleartext in my python-history file

admin: it's going to give you a pass 'phrase', four or five words
m: like upstairs-gorilla-eating-tacos

on this same day i faced a password engine that allowed only letters and numbers, so i cranked the length up to 20

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Dries Depoorter recorded open security camera footage for weeks, then scraped publicly available Instagram photos tagged at that location. Then he used A.I. to line up the Instagram photos.

@graue -... although just leaving out 2020 comes right out of How to Lie With Statistics

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"In the famous Montgomery bus boycott, few understand that Rosa Parks was not just a historically pivotal protestor but an experienced tactitian... who had been trained in the Civil Rights Movement with the NAACP—fighting debt peonage and lynchings. She had gone to meetings at the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee. Her refusal to give up her seat was a tactic in the larger strategy of the fight for racial equality."

-- "Playbook for Progressives", page 38

If the next thing your mind hears after the name Rosa Parks is Cedric the Entertainer's quip in "Barbershop" about Parks being not a hero, but a tired woman who wanted to sit her ass down—as my own mind did—then a quick look at her story online will be enlightening, as it was for me.

a 'strong password' is one that has to be written down, probably in the same place as all your other strong passwords: in a book handcuffed to your arm, or in a spreadsheet waiting to be exfiltrated, or in a vendor's cloud, somewhere. we can't all go back to using 'kitten' as our password, but random crap changes the problem rather than fixing it

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The counter culture ideal of Burning Man is that sitting in traffic in the desert is a higher realization of human potential than sitting in traffic in the Bay Area.

these people are having an outdoor party and i swear one of the women sounds just like beaker

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sometimes you see something that tells you it's time to shut the lid for a while. i present you with the cover for the christmas album billy idol released last year. *click*

i am reading about a co2 shortage (for making beer and fizzy drinks) and the idea of a co2 shortage in these times is confounding

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