@Mayana Hey Mayana, thanks for the great advice! I'll go do that right now :-). Currently just exploring how this all works, also looking for an accessible macOS client that works well with VO. In case you happen to have any tips on that, I'd definitely love to know!

@robin_kipp @Mayana I'm a huge fan of, works great here in every browser. There aren't any accessible native Mac clients I'm aware of right now, but with how well pinafore works with its keyboard shortcuts using it doesn't feel like using a webpage.

@pitermach @Mayana Yep, I'm on that right now and it does seem great, this dev definitely knows how web accessibility should work! 👍 I've also looked at the Mastonaut Mac client which seems like a good option, but unfortunately falls a bit short right now. The timeline is presented as a table which is great, but each Toot is shown as a single 'Toot' cell that VO needs to interact with in order to view its content, which is a pain.

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