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What are some alternatives to Amazon for book publishing in the fediverse?

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TIL: If you use the default Python extension in VS Code you have to enable Telemetry to get it to load. That is some shit right there.

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@saville Sites like Archive of Our Own ( ) are a popular way some writers connect with an audience and with other writers. AO3 uses #FLOSS: Again, this probably won't coincide with the type of writing you're doing, but just an example of what's out there.

I did my first unbroken set of 10 pullups today! πŸ˜… πŸ˜‚ Took me only 4 years of trying. Take that, all those kids who picked on me for being a weakling back in high school lol.

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Self-Hosting Resources Made Simple

Sharing is very appreciated.

:verified: Freedombox, fastest way to #selfhosting

πŸ“© Mail In A Box, email selfhosting

:gnu: Yunohost, all-in-one selfhosting package

:nextcloud: Nextcloud Devices

πŸ‘ Awesome List

πŸ’š Awesome Directory

πŸ“» Podcast

#Yunohost #Freedombox #FreeSoftware

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I am looking for a privacy friendly, FOSS powered e-reader. AFAIK, there are no mainstream products which qualify. The only options I have found so far - which seem far from stable - are:

- The Open Book Project:
- PineNote (which is in fact much more than an ereader):

Did I miss something? Does anyone have experiences with the devices mentioned above?

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So it looks like Amazon has its tentacles ready to take over Rust.

The company is slowly adding its own members to the Rust team in an attempt to leverage governance. Amazon employees are badmouthing the original Rust team, and articles are being released to manufacture consent for Rust being an Amazon project.

Capital tryna take away my gay crab language.

What are some alternatives to Amazon for book publishing in the fediverse?

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