What are some alternatives to Amazon for book publishing in the fediverse?

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@saville If you just need the book creation part, there's FLOSS like Sigil and wkhtmltopdf to create ebooks. and some Creative Commons sites accept books and host them. There are also Open Source methods of payment. Don't know if any FLOSS project provides all the functions of publishers like Amazon, but you can find FLOSS versions of the different functions and put them together.

@lmemsm Audience outreach and community building is what I'm really angling for, and if there were a curated list of writers and their work somewhere, that would probably help me get more readers. I experimented with non-Floss alternatives like royal road but I don't agree with their approach or their ethics.

@saville I think parts of what you're looking for are out there but like the Fediverse, they're decentralized. There are some shared writing communities like the ones listed here: I've only looked into Creative Commons shared universe writing communities but I would think there would be communities for other types of writers as well. Also, a lot of authors I've talked to just use tools like Patreon to connect with their audience.

@saville I saw this yesterday and planned on posting about and Going by what you are really looking for, I don't know.

@saville Sites like Archive of Our Own ( ) are a popular way some writers connect with an audience and with other writers. AO3 uses #FLOSS: Again, this probably won't coincide with the type of writing you're doing, but just an example of what's out there.

@lmemsm This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!!!

@lmemsm I write some fanfic every now and then so this was definitely very good rec. The software is definitely one part of the equation, and the community of artists who want to share their work is the other. The latter is also very hard to foster.

@saville You might want to check out Stone Hill They run a fan fiction convention and science fiction convention, have a mailing list and some discussion groups and have been running monthly meetings online. Many of them use AO3. They probably know almost every fan fiction site and resource out there.

@saville I would like to help but I'm not sure I understand the question. You want to self-publish a book and sell it on a fediverse retailer?

@saville There are lots of places to sell a book that aren't Amazon but I'm not sure that there are fediverse stores at all.

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