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@Down10 Saw that you are from NorCal - This instance here is hosted in and made for NorCal, if you’d like one closer to home.

Doing some , so you might get disconnected for a couple of minutes.

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Great documentary on surveillance capitalism, recommended by @fatboy

Definitely one that is suitable to show less tech-savvy family members

Also, not available in the Netherlands, VPN solves that issue

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

You are and !

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3,999,999 accounts
+30 in the last hour
+2,028 in the last day
+20,228 in the last week

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Are you real? I thought I remembered there being people in the bay... Once, long ago...

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Thank you so much to all the beautiful folks who tuned in to my aNONradio show!!! We reached 37 live listeners!!! 🍀✨ thank u to all who were on chat during the live show! Awesome 80s music information exchange there!!! I learned so many really cool 80s artists/bands!!

i can confidently say that my favourite new old band tonite was FORUM from the former Soviet Union!!! Thank u to @tbn97 for introducing me to this awesome band!!

we need more iron curtain music!!!🤪🤪

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RT @Space_Station
It’s a small world.

In this 2010 photo, we see Florida, Cuba and the Bahamas surrounded by turquoise waters on our blue marble. As we count down to the #EarthDay50th anniversary, we’re highlighting some of our favorite photos from the #SpaceStation20th anniversary.

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**Coronavirus latest: Trump claims his 'authority is total' as global cases top 2 million**

"The president did not elaborate about the source of his authority, which governors said was a power grab. There have now been more than two million confirmed infections worldwide. Follow DW for the latest updates."

#news #bot

Doing some maintenance. You might lose connection for a couple minutes in the next hour. I'll let you know when done.

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Hello World.

Toot count no longer zero, social media accounts no longer zero and I have somewhere to listen and talk during the lockdown.

I’m John, my 8 year old Jowan is joining in and learning. I said I’d find a place where he could get the answers I don’t know.

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I hope that one of the lessons we take away from this crisis is the utter destruction wrought by commuting.

What if working in the same physical place was saved for rare occasions?

What if we better integrated our home and work lives without the need to be elsewhere.

What if we didn't have to work during the same hours if we're in the same city or timezone?

What if we spent our time socializing, working; at home, in cafes, bars, restaurants, libraries, close to home?

What if we stopped building edifices of glass, concrete, and steel and instead grew communities?

You already know the answer.

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Just walked by Johnny Doughnuts in San Rafael and tried to open the door at 2:10pm (they close 2pm).

Kept on walking with my two kiddos and then their staff came running after us to give us these doughnuts for free :-)

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Every night feels like Thursday and every morning feels like Monday

Just experienced the 8 o’clock Howl for the first time - Cool stuff! Is that just a Marin thing or spread wider?

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