As a followup, my conversion from OmniFocus to Reminders has been going swimmingly. OF is amazing, but I don’t really *need* a lot of its advanced features. Reminders has gotten very nice lately.

@tek I agree. Reminders is wildly underrated. Although, I also feel that way about Microsoft's ToDo (a.k.a. Wunderlist Second Gen).

@smallerdemon I haven’t used it since it was Wunderlist, but it was very nice back then. Reminders was missing too many things (for me!) for a long time, but the last 2-3 OS releases have made hugely important changes. I still wish it had defer dates and more flexible repeats (like “repeat this 1 week after completion”), but I can work around those. Having wonderful system integration has outweighed the minor downsides.

Add in flawless syncing and the price tag of “zero”, and it’s outstanding.


@smallerdemon @tek Is Reminders usable on other platforms outside of Apple now?

@smallerdemon @seb There’s a web app at but I haven’t tried it.

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