Just found this near coffee shop in San Rafael - It even includes an indoor playground for your kids.


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@smallerdemon @tek Is Reminders usable on other platforms outside of Apple now?

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The Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) monitors network-level blocking of internet access, usually by governments or ISPs.

OONI also develop FOSS tools for carrying out this monitoring.

You can follow at:

➡️ @ooni

Their website is at ooni.org

Their monitoring tools are available for desktop and mobile from ooni.org/install and github.com/ooni/probe

#OONI #Activism #NGOs #NGO #Privacy #Internet #Censorship #FOSS #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #Libre #OpenSource

All backend services of have been updated.

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Finally took the time to set up my old iMac for offline computing. Plan to use it as a jukebox and PIM manager so my phone stops sucking me in so much.

It is a Graphite iMac G3, with matching Que! Fire drive, and a Palm T2.

I upgraded the iMac with and SSD after maxing out the Ram. The Que! Drive is original to when I used this computer new. The slot loading drives on these early iMacs are rather unreliable and I got tired of replacing it.

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There's a place in San Francisco called Envelop where you buy a ticket to sit in a mostly dark room with only a handful of people, listening to an album start to finish on a finely calibrated audio system. Cell phones aren't allowed and you're asked to not talk or disrupt.

It's such a unique way to enjoy full albums where you dedicated time to do nothing but that. Last night I went to listen to BT's "This Binary Universe". I think I'll prioritize going more often.


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@bzdata hello! first time verse login :). Moved to Frisco from Oregon just 2 1/2-3 weeks before our first ever lock down, I sure did pick a time to change my life and move almost 1,000mi away from home with no family or friends 😅.

do you know of any cool private lookout spots? Preferably high up w/a gorgeous view. Maybe some locals only knowledge pretty plz ? :)

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I’m new. Is each mastodon server disconnected from each other ?

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I normally don’t go in for nostalgia, but when I saw my favorite device from childhood in a Goodwill for a cool ten bucks, I couldn’t resist. I made thousands of recordings on one of these bad boys and am over the moon to have another Sony TC-150

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I just left my last commercial social media site. Quora started out great, but in the last few years devolved as they tried to find a way to make money. And so it goes.

I can only be found here and on Dreamwidth now.

The irony is I’ve come full circle. Back 20 years ago I was very active on Livejournal for long form writing (Dreamwidth is a fork of its Foss code base) and I had a Geocities site I posted “sitreps” to that was basically a proto-microblog like Mastodon.

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Hi everyone, grateful to make an appearance in no agenda social!

Just went to Home Depot, opened the Best Buy app on my phone and searched for weatherstrips…

The back-end of has been upgraded successfully.

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