@MrBuggles Same here. It is going to take a lot of soccer matches and bike riding to get back to normal.

Kids redecorated the Lemonade Stand and are selling Sand Dollars - Early retirement is coming...

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Hello world! Finally, at long long last I got around to setting up my presence in the . Not exactly sure just yet as to what I'm going to do with it, but definitely hoping to meet new people and have fun conversations in this wonderful community 👍

Lunch is coming from the grill today :-)

Spring is bringing sunshine and the opportunity to hang outside - Life is good!

@Hexable The is generally a very friendly place.

At the beginning it is often hard to find interesting content. To find people interested in the same things/ideas it is a good idea to use hash tags like or . You can search for toots with hash tags in the search field.

One of the best guides for beginners: kevq.uk/getting-started-with-m

My favorite Mastodon app for iOS is Toot!

On Android a lot of people use Tusky or FediLab.

@pirateguillermo You are welcome! The cost is taken care off. I can use some help with moderation, if you’d like to contribute time. Thanks a lot for offering!

@dunkin_mills It is easier, if you use a mobile app for Mastodon. In general though you go to the profile page of the user you’d like to follow and click the follow button.

@TiredDad Welcome to SFBA.social and to the Bay Area in general!

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Just joined. New-ish Bay Area resident from Europe. Work in tech (predictably) and interested in Mastadon. Would be glad to chat.

@maxrez Welcome to SFBA.social!

Stay safe and have FUN!

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Just what I was looking for: an obscure, local, cutting-edge, non-corporate online community. Hi!

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What big box operating systems did you buy back in the day that weren’t Windows? I had Mandrake Linux, but I really wanted BEOS, I just didn’t have the scratch. I also was given a copy of GEOS for my Commodore 64.

@Bajabilly Welcome to SFBA.social! This is more like Twitter than FB.

@MrBuggles Absolutely agree. However, privacy and infosec are notoriously underdeveloped in healthcare industry - Most hospitals simply don’t assign enough budget for it.

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