Took my new e-bike on a 30 mile ride today. Satisfying, this new mode of transportation.

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seeing that there was an instance for my area certainly was a trip

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Hello! Our friend and accomplice Zoë Meraz is trying to run for Oakland City Council rep in District 5. If you can signal boost to Fruitvale area friends that she needs 50 more signatures by Thursday morning to be eligible... Zoë can meet anyone anywhere or will be posted outside of Red Bay coffee tomorrow Tuesday 10-11:30

All maintenance activities have been completed successfully.

Enjoy v3.2 !

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@BalooUriza Server upgrade done. Sorry for the inconvenience.

time! Installing v3.2 - Service might fade in and out for about an hour. Thank you for your patience!

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It's been long week here at

Bots, trolls, a DDoS attack, Republicans.

The rest of the day for me is drinking gifs.

@tek Just block slack’s singapore IPs. I’ve their LB is working, it might go to Russia ;-)

Issuing server reboot to apply security updates. Should be back online in 5 minutes.

@4U6U57 Very cool!

Noticing you are using Instagram and wondering whether you have tried before..?

Sorry everyone for the disruption in service. Server needed a reboot to update its cert.

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The Flight Deck "#OpenYourLobby venues are a resource for protestors to prepare, rest, and recover. We will NOT permit police inside the building. It is unlawful for police to enter without a warrant or unless granted permission"


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I've started a new project! 4U6U57/4U6U57/ A collection of community resources for protestors around the country.

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@Down10 Saw that you are from NorCal - This instance here is hosted in and made for NorCal, if you’d like one closer to home.

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