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Limited choice on things to do in free time now - Should I ...

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Now that everyone has to work via Skype/Zoom, I propose a new term “Cooperative Video”

Or CoVid for short.

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Some really nice eye candy showing various quarantining and social distancing techniques and how it effects the spread of a virus.

Worth checking this out even if its just for the animations:

#coronavirus #science #math #maths #mathematics

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for my friends who live in california; pls pls check out this info from the EDD:

if your work shuts down temporarily, or you get reduced hours, or you are quarantined because of whats going on, you CAN file for unemployment !! the one week waiting period has also been waived for these circumstances. 💚

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I wanted to welcome Harry Chen PhD to #QOTO his account is @HarryChenPhD

He lives in China, and from what I can tell is currently living in Wuhan, the epicenter of the #coronavirus where he posts videos updating us all on the situation. He labels himself as a "renegade journalist".

He was recently banned from twitter because, well, China doesnt really like renegades or journalists. So we are proud to act as a platform to help him host his videos and get the word out on how things develop. Consider following him.

You can read a bit about how twitter oppressed his freedom of speech and what ultimately brought him to the fediverse at these two links:

#Wuhan #CoronaVirus #FF #FollowFriday #China #Journalism #Journalist

Doing laundry and the radio plays Celine Dion - My Heart will go on...

Glad that I played some soccer today...

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@dansup Latest features on look great!

Any chance that S3 support is added soon? I’d like to contribute by running an instance but shy away from hard to manage and costly block storage.

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It's no secret that the internet makes adult content more accessible today than ever, including to younger audiences.

Experts like professor @EmRothman are working to adapt sexual health education to the digital age. #InternetHealth tweeted by @mozilla

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Maintenance is done. We are now on the latest, greatest and securest ;-)

I gotta do some maintenance on the server. Please be patient with connectivity issues in the next couple of minutes.

Going on the Bay Bridge via Lyft in the middle of the night to get to Marin feels like the wrong way to get home.

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Who is using the Brave Browser? What are your thoughts?

As a browser, I've had no problems, and I like the rewards component.

Interesting article that is very relevant for - Build smaller communities and don’t pretend that you are bigger than you actually are.

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