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Oakland, 1 BR. Airy, spacious. Good cross breeze. $1800/mo w/ $2K deposit. Need references.

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Let’s create some awareness for the newest instances on #fedi !

I you know of a new instance that has been created in the last 6 months and is open for new registrations, please reply to this post.

Also, if you know any new fedi celebs, please also reply to this post.


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Does anyone know of a logo artists taking small commissions with short turn around? My mom is trying to finish the website for her class and needs a logo in the next week or so. Nothing super fancy, and our budget is ~$200 USD.

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i upgraded to pop!_os (-based) 22.04 and now my pro 2018 won't connect to its wi-fi , but my macbook non-pro late 2017 will, as will my androids. anyone seen this? both macs on big sur

Maintenance activities have been finished successfully. Enjoy v3.5.2 !

Release Notes:

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Doing some maintenance on right now. This might slow things down for a couple of minutes...

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Huzzah! I can use my pq signature algorithm to sign ephemeral SIDH keys. Literally nobody understands wtf I’m talking about, but, great success! Everything seems to be running correctly, finally.

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Introducing - a bespoke guide to the fediverse!

Some highlights include

⚡ People Directory - opt-in directory of people based on topics

⚡ Projects list

⚡ Mobile Apps list

We're working to improve our FAQ section and add additional projects! #fediverse #activitypub #fediverseInfo

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Hey! Tell me about your favorite indie games.

Platformers, RPGs, Puzzle Games, Adventure games. Maybe other stuff, but not FPSs.

I'm looking for stuff made by small teams or individuals, weird, game jam entries, unfinished, all fine.

It needs to run on linux, or run in an emulator that exists on linux.

Just something I can play for a bit.

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I'm a software engineer currently working in the space.

Being means I spent my early childhood in Hong Kong, then high school/college years in the UK. Have been living and working in the US since 2001 and now have 2 myself.

I try to maintain fitness with road and . Love and TV/movies and hate most (if not all) .

Care deeply about and .

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For all of the newcomers here, here is my re- #introduction post.

I'm a :linux: FOSS enthusiast who uses Budgie :budgie:, #cartophile, #roadgeek, and single (looking for a lady). I work in IT in a retirement community.

In my spare time, I collect and read maps, go hiking, kayaking, camping, and other outdoor recreation, and play Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. I contribute data to OpenStreetMap whenever I can.

Originally, I'm from Austin, Texas now in NW Pennsylvania.

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Figuring out Mastodon, I saw that it's a good practice to write an #introduction post. Here it goes.

I work for a small #nonprofit in Digital #Media located in the centre of the Netherlands. I work here for almost 10 years.

I spend my free time mostly studying. Currently, I'm finishing my Master's Degree (#Msc) in Industrial-Organisational #Psychology.

When I'm not working or studying, I like read, #craft, play #videogames or #tabletop games. The general geekery stuff... ;)

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Hello there! Guess it's time for an #introduction.

I'm Bunty, wife to @nikki, and we stream #retrogames, #retrotv, and other nonsense at

I like #crafts - I'm currently dabbling in #polymerclay and #jewellery making.
I love #pets, I have a ginger #cat called Frank, a #sunconure called Penny, and I walk dogs as my job!
I like #scifi, #horror, #thrillers.
I'm #bi, I strongly suspect I have #adhd, I believe in #transrights, and that #blacklivesmatter. Oh, and #fuckthetories

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Welcome new tooters to the #hachyderm Mastodon instance. We are now 111 tooters strong. 🐘 💨

Please feel free to use the #introduction hashtag and introduce yourself. When you use hashtags your posts will be searchable by the many exciting instances outside of ours. So make sure to use them a lot while you help us build a safe network!

For now the service will continue to remain invitation only until we can get more support for admins and infrastructure.

Stay tuned for more!

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Hello, new #retrocomputing #fedizens of the #fediverse! I'd like to make you aware of the fun and engaging Retrocomputing Forum. Please feel free to join and give us an #introduction!

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Okay, here goes, an #introduction of sorts.

I'm Sven, aka "DrMcCoy". I'm into #C and #cpp #programming and a #linux guy, with a hobby of taking apart old/old-ish video games (#retrograming, #re).

I also GM #ttrpg #rpg, mainly #pathfinder (1e). For that, I'm also #paintingminiatures. Of course, nowadays, it's all online with #foundryvtt.

Music-wise, I'm into #metal #doommetal #doom #stoner, but also #chiptunes and similar

My tweets will be a mix of German and English

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Hey #introduction ! I'm Nicola, computer science student who sometimes makes pixel art and games. Hope you'll like my work :)

#Pixelart #MastoArt #Art

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