@MsMerope Well, we came out of it once. The species, did, at least; not every person or culture made it.

(The good news is entropy isn't an issue on this scale; the Universe is a closed system, but Earth isn't. With a constant energy input from the Sun, we can continue to grow in complexity for a few more orders of magnitude yet.)

@Helloandrew At Bloomberg, Joe Light and Olga Kharif did a summary that doesn't get too deep into the weeds and passes the knows-finance-from-a-hole-in-the-ground sniff test. You may need incognito mode to peek through the paywall: bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

@MsMerope Ah, yes. Trickier to get that into the case, though.

@MsMerope At the risk of offering-a-solution when I-know-how-you-feel might be more welcome: pill organizers. These days, there are even versions to manage 2x-4x/day prescriptions.

@alexhung You forgot the bit in the middle: "Business Administration: There's gold in them thar eyeballs."

@bluestocking Maybe a slow cooker, then--same sort of long gentle heat. Crock pots run maybe 70-250W, so if you have a recipe that would work in a solar cooker, it's almost certainly work in a slow cooker on low.

Failing that, gazpacho.

@bluestocking Depends on your circumstances, of course, but it's a chunk of change for not a lot of power. Something like hainessolarcookers.com/product is about 82 watts. Use it 4 hr/day * 90 days of the year, that's 29.5 kWh/year. Even for electricity at $.29/kWh, that's $8.56/year.

@molly0xfff SUPER focused on {four things}. I've seen double on bootleg mezcal, but I think to get up to four you have to raise the gusano de maguey on peyote buttons.

@molly0xfff 11β-[p-(Dimethylamino)phenyl]-17α-(1-propynyl)estra-4,9-dien-17β-ol-3-one backed stablecoin?

@molly0xfff It's one of those days when you have to wonder how a fool and his money got together in the first place.

@web3isgreat Licensing telemedicine is hard. But I bet there's coin at the intersection of kicking, haptic suits, and medical fetish.

@TunnelJanitor I wish you'd said something before I vaped the quesadilla.


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