Who is using the Brave Browser? What are your thoughts?

As a browser, I've had no problems, and I like the rewards component.

Remember how “America’s Funniest Home Videos” had the audience vote for their favorite video on those hand held devices? I kinda want one of those.

First this Coronavirus out of China, and now I hear about a South Korean parasite all over the news?!?

We live in a world where satire is almost indistinguishable from real news... where does satire go from here?

There are some days when I can complete all my work in a couple of hours. These are the days I like to think I'm paid specifically for my experience and skills developed over 20 years of work.

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lifehacks are called that because only hacks make them

Cybernate: The act of taking an extended break from the Internet.

Wikipedia really blew it when they didn’t use the name “Cyberary”

Overheadache: The pain that comes from a project that has lots of historical baggage.

Who is this social networks favorite artist? Why, the Master Donatello, of course.

I’m about to wash my three year olds hair. While wearing ear plugs. This is where we are.

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I can only think of two tech interview questions I’ve ever had which had any bearing on the job.

One was “determine if these rectangles overlap” and I have that memorized because I’ve derived it from first principles many times.

The other was how I’d make ebooks work from scanned books without relying on shitty OCR and that ended up being what I worked on for the original Kindle, and now there are a dozen patents with my deadname on them as a result.

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It was a dark and stormy flyby... Our @NASAJuno spacecraft's JunoCam captured images of the chaotic, stormy northern hemisphere of Jupiter during its 24th close pass of the planet on Dec. 26, 2019. Image processed by citizen scientist Kevin M. Gill: nasa.gov/image-feature/jpl/dee 

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Spacewalk to Repair Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Outside International Space Station on Jan. 25, 2020 youtube.com/watch?v=cOzMVW1GdD

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Whichever Amazon employee named the ecosystem around their smart speaker the "Alexa skills kit" missed a golden opportunity to call it the Amazon Echosystem

Watching the first Episode of ; It's firing on the right cylinders so far. Great to see Stewart step back into the role again.


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