I’ve got the Sunday Scaries. Really not looking forward to work tomorrow.

Every night feels like Thursday and every morning feels like Monday

The coronavirus is giving me Stockholm Syndrome.

Now that everyone has to work via Skype/Zoom, I propose a new term “Cooperative Video”

Or CoVid for short.

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Folding@Home, COVID-19 

I know we all heard of the Seti@home shutdown last week, but there is a new viable project. Folding@Home has been around for nearly as long as SETI@Home, but they have turned their efforts toward speeding up research toward treatments to battle COVID-19.

If you have spare cycles, I would ask you to consider spending them here.



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People seem to think being a moderate means I'm always in the middle on every issue, like somehow I on the fence about guns and LGBT rights and uncertain about both..

No, It just means I am capable of seeing past dogma and accepting good principles no matter what side of the political fence it lies on. I can completely support gun rights AND completely support LGBT rights at the same time. Hell I say give all the LGBT members guns, they will probably be a lot safer for it.

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A #chinese
woman on the flight from #Bangkok to #Shanghai caused her dissatisfaction due to the stewardess's disinfection action, so she deliberately coughed at the stewardess and was stopped by the Thai flight attendant's throat, shouting: "I was wrong ! "

Real text I just sent a neighbor:

“I took a dead bee from your hive to feed my Venus fly trap.”

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I just did drunk yoga so I could get enough calories burned to break the 3x calorie Mark in Apple Health.

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“Glued together, these scraps of information create a collage of my overall health, which Facebook can then sell advertisements against. In collecting data about my health behavior and interests, Facebook probably knows more about my health than my doctor.”


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Good on Planned Parenthood for doing the right thing and removing the Facebook tracking. But it’s shocking that developers are ignorant to the tracking embedded in these frameworks and libraries. It’s irresponsible.

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Tonight my daughter told me she wanted a step sister. I told her that meant that mommy and I would have to get divorced. That didn’t bother her.

Great name for a bread bakery: Gluten Freak

Who is using the Brave Browser? What are your thoughts?

As a browser, I've had no problems, and I like the rewards component.

Remember how “America’s Funniest Home Videos” had the audience vote for their favorite video on those hand held devices? I kinda want one of those.

First this Coronavirus out of China, and now I hear about a South Korean parasite all over the news?!?

We live in a world where satire is almost indistinguishable from real news... where does satire go from here?

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