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Welcome to SFBA.social!

San Francisco Bay Area on the Fediverse. Everyone is welcome - Feel free to join and hang out!


For moderation requests please contact @seb@sfba.social or @cd24@sfba.social. We are following the moderation standards of mastodon.social. This instance is hosted in US - Local Laws apply!

Yay-Area Resident?

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What is Mastodon?

Here are some links with great articles on what it is:
ESQUIRE: Tired of Nazis in Your Twitter Mentions? Try Mastodon.
WIRED: Tired of Twitter? Join Me on Mastodon
DeepDive: How does Mastodon work?

Getting started...

Here are some really good guides on how to get started:
Official Mastodon Quick Start Guide
An increasingly less-brief guide to Mastodon
Getting started on Mastodon

Where is this hosted?

This instance is hosted on Linode and uses AWS S3 for media files. It has been built with scalability in mind. We also strive to keep it highly available and create regular backups of the data.